We would like to take a moment to tell you a little history about our group and what the Lord has done for our family. The Cantrell Family group started around 2003 with help from the Lord and a band member named Leroy Whitley, who passed away September 2005. Robert Cantrell Jr started playing guitar at fourteen around the house with his dad Robert Cantrell Sr..

                When Robert Jr. got married, he and his wife Charlene started going to church. Not too long after that his mom and dad started going to church where the Lord made a big change in their lives. It wasn't long until the lord's plan started to come together by sending Leroy Whitley and his wife Phyllis their way. Leroy, Shannon Ward, Robert Sr. and Robert Jr. started getting together and playing gospel music. It wasn't long until Robert Jr.'s wife Charlene started playing the mandolin. Before they knew it they formed a group and have been playing ever since.

               The Lord really has helped us along the way by giving us the opportunity to serve him with a gift he has blessed us with, playing and singing for the Lord. We are very thankful that the Lord took time out one day to save our souls and help us along life's journey to our heavenly home. Now we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in our group and above all thank God for everything and for sending his only beggoten son to die on the cross for all who are lost.